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14001   Art Bin
P16010   Art Doll w Wedge cut Ornament
P16011   Art Doll with Bun
P16012   Art Girl w Long Skirt
16005   Art Girl with Heart
P20031   Artful Webinars Sculpted Snowman Stocking Kit
11001   Artsy Santa
11004   Autumn Blessings
17009   Away in the Manger
18005   Be You
12007   Beach Cupcakes
12001   Beach Tree
15006   Bee Kind
P16017   Bird bead and Birdhouse Charm
15475   Birds of Encouragement - Trust
SJ107   Bluebird of Happiness - Shara's Way & Jane's Way
SJ106K   Bluebird of Happiness Kit
14003   Brush of Color
SJ118AK   Celebrate Angel Kit
SJ118BK   Celebrate Doll Kit
SJ118   Celebration
SJ101   Charlie & Al
13010   Chickadees and Berries
13005   Chickadees on Fruit
SJ112   Christmas Joy
SJ112K   Christmas Joy Tree and Base Kit
13011   Christmas Owls in a Pear Tree
13006   Christmas Stockings
10004   Christmmas Seashells
P20026   Clay Blade
P20001   Clay cutters - Hand
P20002   Clay cutters - Star
P20027   Clay Tools
P20029   DecoArt Adhesion Medium
P20028   DecoArt Extender
16029   Diamond Dust Glass Glitter
17011   Eternal Joy
15009   Everything Nice
13012   Fall Fruit Tree
15004   Fall Owl Purse
13007   Fall Owl Tree
10001   Festive Furry Fun
15003   Floatin' Froggie
SJ111   Flower & Birdie
SJ119   Flower Angel
SJ119K   Flower Angel Kit
P16008   Flying Angel with Lyre
P16009   Flying Angel with Mandolin
SJ104   Frostbite & Snowflake
SJ104K   Frostbite & Snowflake Kit
15007   Fruit and Holly Pie Keeper/Funky Pie Box
19001   Fun Fall Pumpkins
11003   Garden Birds
08007   Gift of the Sea
P20024   Hand Cream
P16034   Harlequin Stencil
12004   Harvest Tree
12005   Harvest Wreath
P16004   Heart and Wing Ornament
16008   Heaven and Nature Sing Ornaments
SJ105K   Here Comes Santa Kit
SJ105   Here Comes Santa Ornament & Pin
13004   Holiday Bling
12003   Holiday Tree
SJ106   Holly Ornaments - Shara's Way & Jane's Way
07002   Home for the Holidays
18001   Horse-Sea Friends
16003   Jane & Amy Create Christmas
21500   Jolly Holly Santa Virtual Retreat
13925   Joy to the World
12008   Kale and Pansies Set
P20035   Kemper Flower Cutters
P20034   Kemper Heart Cutters
P20033   Kemper Star Cutters
SJ100k   Kit for 100 Charlie & Al
SJ111KB   Kit for Birdie
SJ111KA   Kit for Flower
SJ102K   Kit for Queenie and Princess
SJ108LCT   Large Cart and Parts for Starry Night Flight
SJ110VA   Large Vase for Posie Power
10002   Leap of Faith
14005   Let Freedom Wave
10003   Let It Snow
18006   Life is Art, Sing Your Song
17006   Me and the Mrs.
SJ108CT   Medium Cart
P16006   Medium Tag
P16013   Mermaid Ornament
17010   Mermaid Sisters
P16003   Metal Bird
08006   Miss Sunshine and Friends
14004   Monkey Business
13008   Napkin Rings
16007   O Holy Night Ornaments
16004   Ocean Child
P16018   Palette Charm
SJ115   Peter & Priscilla
SJ115K   Peter & Priscilla Kit
SJ110   Posie Power
SJ110K   Posie Power Kit
SJ1110VB   Posie Power Small Vase
SJ100   Prim & Proper
SJ101K   Prim & Proper Kit
SJ116KA   Pumpkin Tote'n Bird Kit
SJ116   Pumpkin Tote'n Fun
SJ102   Queenie & Princess
SJ-001-QW   QuikWood
SJ103   Regal Red & Royal Blue
SJ103K   Regal Red & Royal Blue Kit
P20036   Sculpted Heart Kit
13001   Seashells and Fishtails
SJ120K   Shara Jane Angel with Heart
P20025   Shara Jane Sculpting Starter Kit
SJ114   Sid & Sam
SJ114K   Sid & Sam Kit
17004   Sing Your Song
P16026   Sing, Sing, Sing Angel Wing Papers
16006   Sing, Sing, Sing Ornaments
15002   Sitting Pretty
SJ116CT   Small Carts
P16019   Small Gold Star Beads
SJ116KC   Small Pumpkin Tote'n Bird Kit
P16007   Small Tag
11002   Snow Angel Tree
13800   Spring Garden Tree
SJ121K   Spring is in the Air Bird Kit
15008   Springtime Joy
18004   Star Light - Star Bright Ornaments
18007   Starfish Snowlady
SJ117   Starry Friends
SJ117K   Starry Friends Tree Kit
SJ108   Starry Night Flight
SJ108K   Starry Night Flight Kit
P16032   Stencil - Crocodile
P16031   Stencil - Lace
P16035   Stencil - Tracks
14007   Summer Fun
13002   Sunny Dot
14002   Sweet Friends
14006   Sweet Nectar
SJ116KB   Tall Bird Kit
P16005   Tall Tag
12009   Tis the Season
12006   Tropical Fish Ornaments
17001   TRUST - Robin e-packet
SJ109   Up, Up, & Away
SJ109K   Up, Up, & Away Kit
15005   Vintage Stockings
P16014   Wings
08009   Winter Friends
12010   Winter Garden Santa
17005   Winter Joy
P16025   Wood for Heaven and Nature Sing Tree
P20032   Wooden Stocking
SJ113K   Woodsey Snowman Kit
SJ113   Woodsy Snowman
13003   Woodsy Wear

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