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Starfish Snowlady Star Light  - Star Bright Ornaments Sweet Friends
Starfish Snowlady
Our Price: $8.00
Sweet Friends
Our Price: $8.00
The ornament is sculpted with Quikwood on a 100M (about 4") plastic disk. The pattern has a link to a web page with step-by-step videos to help you with the sculpting process.  You can watch a video and then sculpt, then watch the next video and do the next step until completed. These Snow ladies are sculpted with Quikwood. The snow angel is made with a Paper mache egg and the other snow lady is made with a 4" plastic disk ornament. Get both patterns for the price of one. The patterns are combined in one e-packets. Each pattern provides you with a link to step-by-step videos to create the project.

This pattern is also available as an e-Packet for $6.00.

These friends are enjoying some special time together, sharing their hopes and dreams. Nothing is sweeter than having such encouraging friendships. This project can be painted on the pitcher or on a 10” x 20” canvas.

Pattern includes 4 photos.

Tin available from Della and Company
Painted on Folk Art Tin
FT-2289 Antique Measure
Snow Angel Tree
Snow Angel Tree
Our Price: $7.00
This pattern is also available as an e-Packet for $5.00.

You can enjoy this festive snow angel tree all winter long. The pattern includes designs for 9 snow angel ornaments, plus complete instructions for making and assembling your tree.
Pattern includes 4 photos and 2 worksheet.

Surface available from Della and Company
Painted on Folk Art Tin
2 - FTSO-019 Shara’s ornament angel small oval with wing 4”x2”
1 - FT-2100 Folk art tin classic heart 1”
1 - FTSO-008 Shara’s ornament angel w/small heart attached 6.5”x3 ¾”.
1 - FTSO-011 Shara’s ornament angel puffed large fluffy wings 5 ¼” x3 ¼”
2 - FT-2110 Folk art tin ornament classic star small
1- FTSO-020 Rectangle w/ Arc Top Ornament 5 1/2" tall x 4 1/2"
1 - FTSO-010 Shara’s ornament angel large oval with wing 5 1/4”x3 1/4”
1 - FTSO-007 Shara’s ornament angel puffed with head and wings 3 3/4”x4”
3 - FT-2034 Folk art tin classic heart 1.5”
2 - FTSO-018 Shara’s ornament angel rectangle with arc top 4 1/2”x4 1/2”
5 - Folk art tin ornament classic star extra small
1 - FT-2024 Tree topper classic star for small tree
1 - FT-2089 Medium pail 3.5”x5”x4.25”